Katten Fredag (Friday the cat)

Suddenly it was there!

The cat we just thought was another outdoor cat who defecated on our lawn on its daily walks, so we tried to chase it away. But after a while Åsa commented that the cat looked rather abandoned and hungry (usually cats don't eat dry breadcrumbs for the birds) so the next time we saw it we tried to attract it to us and despite that we've been chasing it for weeks, it hurried to us and cuddled happily.

It didn't have a necklace and hidden under all the winter fur there weren't very much cat. It wasn't starved to the brink of death, but it could definitely gain some healthy weight. Appearently it was rather hungry too, because when we offered it dry dog-food it greedily ate all it was offered.

After the worst hunger was cured, we tried to introduce it to the dogs. For a cat, dogs usually are horrible creatures, but this is a cool cat. Even when Kenzo was just a few decimeters away it still wasn't frozen with terror but could cuddle and purr relaxedly. When Kenzo carefully sniffed the cat (lying down) the cat sniffed Kenzo back, but then Kenzo got a bit too close so the cat smacked Kenzo over the nose (not too hard). Kenzo understood the hint and when Kenzo backed off, the cat immediately relaxed and cuddled with me.

Now it was time for the ever lasting fool Isse. He yelled, squeaked, pulled, and shaked manically, but despite all this the cat was cool as ice as soon as it realised the leash was too short for him to get too close. The cat just stared at Isse, wondering what kind of idiot that was, and quite frankly, I agreed.

When Isse wasn't quite as hysterical, Åsa let Isse have some more leash, but it wasn't too popular with the cat which took cover in the dryer and, finally, smacked Isse over the nose. Isse, however, can't take a hint even if you paint it green with pink dots, makes it jump up and down while honking a horn.

Then we backed the dogs off and let the cat investigate without breathing beasts close by, but since we don't have a litter box and the cat-dogs introduction was far from finished we couldn't let the cat stay indoors.

The next best solution was to show the cat how to get in and out of the dog house, which didn't take more than a few minutes. Obviously this cat isn't just cool but also very intelligent. After bringing a plate of food and made sure it had water, I bid it good night.

I've named the cat Fredag (Friday) since it happened to be a Friday all this happened. We don't know what sex it is or if it's owned by anyone, but we think it's a neutered male and we doubt anyone cares about it since it lacks necklace and isn't exactly well-fed.