Flight 05 was a band formed by me (keyboards), Eric, (keyboards), Tomas E (guitar) and Tobias (drums and song). As an experiment we decided we could live without a base and we keyboardists would share that task instead, but since that turned out a bad idea, Thomas R joined the band. After a rather innovative and fun time, Eric decided he didn't have the time anymore and left the band. A shame, really.

Environmental change3:49
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Studiefrämjandet got the idea to release a record with songs with an environmental focus. All bands got 3 minutes on the record and 10 (?) hours paid studio time. First time we played the song though, it was WAAAY past 5 minutes, so we realised we had to cut away a lot of the fancy stuff. Finally we were down to somewhere between 3 1/2 - 4 minutes which actually was accepted.
My setup when we were playing live was my Roland D-50, Roland S-50 and my Yamaha CS-15 (but of course!), however on this studiorecording we ditched the combined "Piano and strings"-sound on the D-50 and recorded 2 different tracks with piano and strings from the S-50 instead, which turned out to be a GOOD idea! We also used my Kawai K3m for the *psssch*-sound (after 9 seconds of the song).