As long as I can remember I've been interested in music. Music and electronics. Music, electronics and computers. And girls. And...

As long as I can remember, one of my main interests has been music. First it was the piano, as a kid most focused on logic the illogical placing of the tones on a guitar or a flute never really attracted me. The piano, however, felt clean, correct and an art of perfection with its black and white keys. So I started to play the piano, and found out what most people find out sooner or later, a piano is a rather heavy instrument and not really cool when you're a teenager and want to form a band with your pals, not to mention that Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode suddenly felt much more cool than Scott Joplin, so suddenly a syntheseizer felt like the answer to my dreams and I sold the piano.

First attempt was never recorded and you should be grateful. It was a simple square-wave oscillator in a plastic box with a control you could adjust the tone height with. Sounded awful and I quickly abandoned the idea of building my own synth before I could at least get a somewhat decent keyboard. Oh well.

Finally, with work (and still living at your old folks home) comes money. And with money... Well, you've guessed by now. The setup I had was:

During the late 80's and the first half of the 90's I was somewhat productive, and some of the stuff I made I've found on old tapes, and I thought "what the hell" and now I release it "as is". Have fun. If you like it or if you have ANY opinion about the songs, let me know!

Lately, I've become somewhat productive again, but I've decided to keep old and new stuff separated. You can find the new stuff at the homepage for Feline With An Attitude-project.