Once upon a time a friend and I spend too much time in the evenings toying with the video equipment that were stationed at my work at the time. Out came a lot of weird things, including 2 "rockvideos".

Here they are in DivX. Words, music and video production by me and Roke, except for all things we stole, of course. The quality is what you could expect from old VHS-tapes converted to a bandwidth that hopefully won't be too small to be "enjoyable" or too huge to download.

Creds to Sam for DivX:ing them for us.

MC Roke & Master Sad - 2115 MbyteThis was given away as a present to a friend of ours (and my lover at the time, hence the "nude" scene) when she celebrated her 21:th birthday. The video contains a lot of mistakes and isn't really produced using top-gear, but I still think it's rather fun.
The song is mostly sampled stuff from my record collection, with some added synths. Don't remember what gear was used but I bet that both the Roland S-50 and the Yamaha TX16W sampler were working their behinds off.
The Kimsta' Blatthatters - GIT33 MbyteWe made this for a mutual friend (and the guitarist in the by then broken up band Flight 05) when he were going to the states for a year to learn advanced guitar torturing at the G.I.T in Hollywood. It's as badly produced as the video above, but he still enjoyed it. Some people have no taste.
Anyway, a fun thing with this song is that when he heard it he immediately asked "Who's playing the guitar solo?" and was quite surprised when we told him that it was me going wild on the Yamaha TX16W. A TX16W is a rather lousy sampler, if you didn't know...
Gear used is mainly my samplers.